Thursday, January 19, 2012


knitting-prepare by Kairn Design
knitting-prepare, a photo by Kairn Design on Flickr.

THIS week's *actual* illustration Friday theme is "prepare"...

One of my best gal-pals & college roomie along with her husby are expecting a lil boy next spring! Hurrah!
So I'm knitting them a baby blanket.
What says "prepare" more than a baby blanket? It's nesting personified!

During their bi-coastal visit her mom and partner threw a wonderful baby shower / open house. We've all gone down different life paths- starting with art and branching out- but it's such a treat to come "back to the beginning" and stay in touch with such great people. I finally got to meet a girlfriends baby and husband! Time really does just

In that glowingly brightly hued and cozy spice scented house we all gathered to celebrate, laugh and help them prepare for their bundle of wonderful. Congrats Momma and Daddy! Can't wait to *meet* him- officially.

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  1. This is crisp and well done. I love how you did the knitted textures and the different shades of blue!