Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nathaniel's Flippers (part 4)

nate4 by Kairn Design
nate4, a photo by Kairn Design on Flickr.
So I've been working for some time on a children's book story... and finally... FINALLY I feel like I'm getting somewhere with the illustrations and clarifying my "style".
In the upcoming months I'll be patching together a dummy and submitting to publishers. Here's hoping I get some positive results.
When I was a kid and had a picture book I always loved looking for the details... to find the little things like a hidden critter or something recognizable that I'd find in my own home. I could believe the story if I felt like I could jump into the picture.
It's funny the things we're influenced by.

I'll post more as images get polished- this one still has some ruffles to smooth out, but I hope you enjoy it non-the-less.

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