Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello again.

Yep. I've been hibernating... again. sorry bout that. BUT I've been busy too and will post new pieces in the next few days so stay posted. IN the meanwhile today I've decided to share a lil discovery.

Several years ago a man named Ze Frank had this blog thing. I was working a temp job in the middle of no-frikkin-where, dating and asshat and pretty much got to stare at a mouth breather a computer screen and a man who ate hershey bars like a starving refugee.  So in this cube life, between answering calls and submitting data... I discovered this funny lil blog with games and silly videos made by this quirky guy I could've easily hung out with in college.
A few years later he'd make this innovative "Show", called.... "the show" that went viral before going viral was even a thing to do.  It was in a word- awesome.
Now, years later, a few grey hairs, a few life changes, relationships and jobs later... my virtual pal Ze is back at it again with his new show, called.... "a show". Same but different awesome.
Check it out. No. Really. Go. Yes.... you. go see. Srsly.


But here's the funny part... well not ha-ha funny, but more quirky funny.
In a forum on his new site, seeing fellow former viewers and virtual pals I came across a post asking what everyone was listening to. So being clever I thought I'd find a video of my current audio background tunage only to find instead a preview for an indie flick.  Rather than "So Long Lonesome" by Explosions in the Sky... I found this.

I can't really wrap my head on the broader picture just yet- but in life I believe in signs... that whatever we're meant to learn, need to attain or are somehow missing hints to us everyday where it can be found or embraced. It's just a matter of learning how to see the signs, read the invisible map written in a language just for us, leading to where we want or need to wind up.
Being a realist that seems a bit fluffy a philosophy... but there's something to it.

I went looking for a song about loneliness, and came across a trailer for a movie about quantum physics, the movement of time and love.... reminding me of the new TV show starring Keifer Sutherland called "Touch" which also just sends shivers down my spine.

We're all connected. So goodbye, welcome, see you soon and hello. If all of life is "a show"- we're all co-stars.

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