Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympics 2012- Swim/Dive

For years I've always enjoyed and been fascinated by the aquatic events of the Olympics. Maybe it's because as a kid I was so very much a "water baby" and if I could've I'd have grown fins.  My family is built for swimming on m Dad's side... nordic people with broad shoulders and powerful legs. Sometimes I wish I'd been or had myself pushed harder to stick with swimming as a sport.  C'est la vie- having learned to swim in a round pool... lanes were a bit of a mystery to me anyway ;)
Kairn Design honors the skill, the determination and optimism that is the foundation of a true Olympian. To face the odds and say "I'm going to do my best, represent my country and no matter what- it's an honor to compete."... after years of dedication and training... that's pretty amazing.  SO to honor their skill- I'm using mine to create an array of Olympic posters. I hope you enjoy!

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