Thursday, December 15, 2011


hellofriend by Kairn Design
hellofriend, a photo by Kairn Design on Flickr.
This weeks Illustration Friday is theme'd: Separated.

Yes, there's a story behind this image. On one side you have me in Boston (complete with a map in the texture)... on the other my best friend C who just so happens to live in Singapore (again, map in the texture). We met many years ago while he attended a college here and I befriended a whole bunch of his flat mates. Over a game of poker and a concert to see Tori Amos we became fast friends and over the years have remained close despite all kinds of life obstacles.

In this day and age the question I have is how separated ARE we really? Besides the obvious distance and lack of ability to join in activities- give one another a hug during good or bad times... it's still very much possible to be and remain close with someone on the other side of the planet. Rare? perhaps. But then again he's not unfamiliar with long distance connections and me? well I'm a strange lil bird.

The point is- I like to think that we're only as separated from one another as we allow ourselves to be. I'm not talking about racism, agism, politics... well any of the "isms"... that's a whole other can of worms. I'm talking tech. People complain left and right about how isolated technology makes us and how close can your friendships be with with a gadget in-between? They're not wrong- but like anything there's always another side to that coin.

In my case- a half year with a bad back has caused me to miss countless social gatherings, birthdays, a wedding, traveling opportunities, art openings and more. It's landed me severely lacking in close physical contact with my friends- but with my mac I can be stuck in my studio/home for days and not feel lonely or isolated.

I'm lucky to have those close friendships... maybe friendships are like architecture- without a solid base and sturdy frame... it doesn't matter how pretty it is... how many cables you have coming in or going out- no amount of tech will keep the thing upright through rough weather or stand the test of time.

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