Thursday, December 8, 2011


pearlharbor by Kairn Design
It's a day that will live in infamy- and in the memories of historians... and the grandchildren who were told the stories at the knees of grandparents who were there.

This weeks Illo Friday word was:brigade.... being the daughter, granddaughter etc of US veterans... well... it brings much to mind- but considering the date of Dec.7th- this stuck out far more.

My house sits under the flight patterns for an international airport. When 9-11 happened and air traffic went dead for a day or two the silence was deafening- those planes so high above, never noticed them before that. I read recently about how the "zeroes" flew into the harbor on that terrible morning over family homes and people just waking up.
I though about how weird that'd be if all the planes that fly over me all the time suddenly weren't passenger planes and flew far too low for comfort. Since Vietnam the media has in different levels desensitized us to the horrors that happen- and suddenly something like Pearl Harbor is no more terrible than an episode of NCIS and less frightening than SAW (one two or three). These events and tragedies are something that happened "over there", and like a bad TV movie- the mind can change the channel if it's not invested.

If grandpa's assignment had followed through rather than being changed... he'd have been on the Arizona sleeping in his bunk- or as an officer on deck giving orders. Mum wouldn't be here, my uncle or my sister and I. It's amazing to think on and for me it's personal, it's part of my family history.
I hope I'm wrong- I hope people never forget- because remembering is learning.... and learning is to not repeat mistakes. There's no need to dwell on awful things- but it's important to repeat our cultural knowledge for future generations.

Anyhow- in this case- it's an amazing image I hope we never see again.


  1. Very well said and moving. Great take on the theme.

  2. Hi, really liked the thought you put into your artwork, love the textures :)

  3. This is a great illustration, bravo!